(1) Ph.D. positions

I am looking for 1-2 self-motivated Ph.D. students to join my  lab in Spring/Fall 2024. The applicants should have B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geography, GIS, Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, Landscape, Ecology, and Computer Science or related subjects. Strong scientific communication (oral and written) skills in English are required. Candidates with strong mathematical and programming skillsets and research experience in machine learning, geospatial big data analysis, and spatiotemporal modelling are preferred. Interested students please contact me at with your CV and research proposal. 

Note: To learn more about the HKU Ph.D. programme and scholarships, visit

(2) Postdoc and Research Assistant positions

Postdoc and Research Assistant opportunities are also available in my lab. Candidates are preferred with following qualifications:

  • Excellent quantitative skills, such as applied statistics and machine learning;
  • Solid programming skills (e.g., Python, R, or Matlab);
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze large complex datasets;
  • Demonstrated research capabilities required to carry out independent, innovative and insightful research;
  • Strong scientific communication skills as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications, and conference presentations;
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary studies;
  • Willingness to collaborate and ability to work successfully in a team environment.

If you are interested in joining my FUSE lab, feel free to email me at with you CV and research statement.

(3) Undergraduate and graduate students

I have been looking forward to building a “Talent Club” program to attract interdisciplinary undergraduates and graduates, so as to form student-oriented research team with students from different grades and backgrounds. The “Talent Club” program will mainly focus on data-, model-, and technology-driven studies in the field of built and natural environment, human activities and health science. I will specifically advocate new ideas, new technology, new direction and new fields, and initiate “seed programs” to support and encourage students to endeavor explorations and innovations.

If you are interested in joining FUSE lab with diverse exposure, feel free to email me at for potential thoughts and ideas.

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